Alex has been active as a world-class TV narrator, a CM narrator, an air navigator and an academic lecturer in the world. I have been named ‘ Enter-teacher ’= Entertainment + Teacher.

Alex's Profile

Facts about Alex's Profile:
While working as an appointed lecturer in the education department of a large corporation (Kintetsu Corp.) for 20 years, Alex also found time to manage language schools in Osaka and became an FM Music Radio host and a narrator for children's English programs featured on the airwaves across Japan.
In 1997, he was chosen and appointed at a university in New Zealand as a career business lecturer where he taught career development, business and comparative culture and volunteered to teach karate to children (he holds a 5th-degree black belt and Renshi certificate given by his late karate grandmaster) in his free time. Returning to Japan in 1999, Alex served as a lecturer of distance learning course of the Leeds University in UK, an associate university professor of English and Business Communication and an external examiner at Chichester University in the UK until 2011.
In 2003 he was chosen by the MEXT to be a special English instructor for teachers in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. Currently he is a full-time professor at Tokiwakai Gakuen University (Osaka), and an appointed lecturer at Doshisha University (Kyoto), an invited lecturer at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts (Kyoto), Kansai University (Osaka), and Kinki University (Osaka).
Alex’s other activities include an international narrator in NHK WORLD(r), judging All Japan University and High School English Speech Contests, screening candidates at Radio DJ auditions, and writing columns in an English newspaper.

...quoted from an introduction of the ALT training book

More facts in his philosophy of life...
For nearly a quarter of a century in his academic chapter of life, Alex has drawn on his passion for teaching, working with organizations and people worldwide, and gained cross-cultural unbeatable insights from his research and his business experiences to educate future generations of leaders who are to be trained in schools and universities not only in Japan but also in UK, NZ and the US.

Alex maintains unparalleled global teaching assets shaped out of his living backgrounds and cross-cultural interests with the Pacific Rim flavors. He has a burning ambition to have a lecture introducing bicultural studies and incorporating cross-border respect and integrity.

In his philosophy of globalism, he regards a century and a half of the US-Japan relation since General M.C. Perry reached Uraga, Japan to open its dramatic curtain in 1853 as only the beginning in the scroll of the long-lasting US-Japan history.

...Quoted from a book titled ‘ Let's Cross Culture! ’

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Alex's budo

In his cute juvenile of life, his late father, Tanjo M. Hayashi, who was a long time catcher in a national baseball team, as an ordinary American father, taught naughty young Alex baseball as a team sport. Alex, however, showed strong interests in Japanese Budo (martial arts) after he spent a great deal of time in reading ‘ Bushido ’(the way of the warrior) in his golden adolescent chapter of life.
Alex chose karate and trained with his master to pursue the core l' esprit of martial arts.
He practiced and participated in national championships (two Gold Medals and three Silver Medals) for more than 30 years, and Alex holds 'the Black-belt 5th Degree(五段位)' and 'the Shihan license(師範代)' authentically certified by his late grandmaster.

He established three karate dojos (schools) during his marvelous and memorable stay in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Alex's other martial arts experiences in his glorious stoic past:  Muay Thai(Thai Boxing), Judo, Kendo, Aikido, Bojutsu, Taiho-Jutsu(Arresting art)

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