By his special linguistic talents with an excellent command of seven languages, Alex has been active as a world-class TV narrator, a CM narrator, an air navigator and an academic lecturer in the world.


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Welcome to Alex M Hayashi's website!
Alex's current main profession is a university professor, lecturing English Studies, Cross-Cultural Communications and Global Business.
Another profile internationally-valued by his special talents includes a TV narrator for NHK WORLD® and a world-class martial artist.

Academic Professionalism:
By his strong dedication to his long-disciplined teaching philosophy in the past 40 years ’ academic life, Alex has created a new method of lectures giving his students a new academic encounter of enjoyment learning and dreams of on-coming success in all classes with a strong characteristic embodiment of ‘ Enter-teacher ’ = Entertainment + Teacher.
With his special academic talents, Alex has been so popular and eventually the most registered classes with college students and even their parents often come and join him that such a large class as with more than 500 students who are all raring to listen to his lecture to gain big successes in their future, Alex conducts a magnificently-designed new class, so-called,
‘ a Case Method Discussion ’ and ‘ a Career Development Planning Class ’
which are uniquely-created for the students to have a chance to make a public presentation in English on the stage in classrooms.
Alex's class has produced lots of big shots who are active in the global business.

International Media Appearances:
This website also introduces Alex's activities for his unbeatable special linguistic talents born out of his multi-cultural background with an excellent command of English and Japanese as a bilingual, and French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.
Alex has been active with a strong focus on his acoustic media appearances as a voice actor, a DJ narrator and an international-media NHK World® narrator.

World-Class Martial Artist:
Last but not least, another hidden profile of Alex is his strong dedication to the art of esprit of a world-class martial art,「空手」(Karate). Alex holds 'the Black-belt 5th Degree(五段位)' and 'the Shihan license(師範)' authentically certified by his late grandmaster.
With his indomitable spirit and pure loyalty to the main core of martial art for his past 40 years' intense work with his late grandmaster「宗家」and Senseis「先生」, Alex was awarded a ‘Renshi「錬士号」Certificate'.
As for his global media appearance with these special martial art assets, ever since chosen as an actor in the Universal Studio Hollywood, Alex has been active in many stage shows and TV commercials.

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